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Health Insurance

Keeping Yourself Safe

Protecting yourself and your loved ones has never been easier with our Health Insurance coverage. Our affordable rates and wide coverage options give you the peace of mind you deserve. Don't wait until it's too late; ensure that you and your family stay healthy and protected with our Health Insurance plans.

  • Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plans

  • Major Medical Plans

  • Short Term Care Plans

  • Long Term Care Plans

  • Prescription Drug Plans

  • Dental Plans

Medicare Supplement

Unlike your average Medicare, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) breaks down your health insurance a little more. A Medicare Supplement policy will help pay for some of the health care costs, that typically regular Medicare would not cover. 

Short Medical Plans

A type of more affordable health insurance, that typically helps bridge gaps or cover you during times of a transition. 

Major Medical Plans

Major Medical Plans are a form of health insurance that covers the expenses of an illness or a hospitalization. Covers emergency care. 

Dental Plans

With Dental Care, you will get benefits to help pay for the costs of any dentist visits for basic or preventive services. Most of the time Dental Care is an add on to a comprehensive medical plan, or it can also be a stand-alone plan. 

Prescription Drug Plans

A plan of Health Insurance that covers prescription drugs and medications.

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